Frequently Asked Questions


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR FOR MY SESSION? See Choosing Your Look & What Should I Wear?

HOW MANY SHOTS DO YOU TAKE PER LOOK? Headshot only sessions - 8-15 shots. Portrait sessions - 30-60 per look.

DO YOU CHARGE EXTRA FOR RETOUCHING? Basic retouching is included and consists of removal of a blemish or two, color correction, sharpening for the screen. Full retouching please add $20 per image - includes whitening eyes and teeth, softening skin texture, reducing wrinkles, more extensive blemish removal, etc.  Permanent features, such as a birthmark or scar will not be retouched or removed it unless specifically requested.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY PHOTOS AFTER WE SHOOT? Basic headshots will be delivered within 24 hours. Portrait sessions are posted within three days. If you choose full retouching for your final images please allow one week. If you order prints they may take a little longer but will be mailed directly to you.

DO YOU OFFER PRINTS AND FRAMING?  Yes along with canvas, metal and pretty much anything you want. If you don't see what you want, just ask. I can probably provide it.

DO YOU SHOOT ON LOCATION? Yes. If there are additional fees required by the location, the client pays the associated expenses.  

MAY I BRING SOMEONE WITH ME TO THE SHOOT? Yes, of course. I want you to feel comfortable. Remember a large entourage can be distracting and studio space is limited. Bringing only one person is recommended.

IS MY DEPOSIT REFUNDABLE? There is a $100 retainer required to reserve an appointment which will be applied to your session. Cancellation two full business days (Monday through Friday) before your appointment can forward the retainer to another session (scheduled within three months of the original appointment date.) reschedules within two full business days before the original session date will forfeit 50% of the retainer. Cancellations within two full business days before the original session date, forfeit the retainer. If the need arises to cancel your appointment please do so over the telephone at least 48 hours prior to your session. If you, or anyone being photographed, are feeling sick we do suggest rescheduling. Sick people generally do not enjoy being photographed and this will show in your portraits. 

Reshoots are offered at the discretion of the photographer only: Oklahoma weather is unpredictable. In the event that the weather conditions are not desirable for location shoots, based on my recommendations, the session will need to be rescheduled and no additional fee will be charged. Due to liability and the possibility of equipment damage, this decision will be at the photographer's discretion. My website gives detailed guidance regarding clothing choices, etc and no reshoots will be given for bad personal choices such as hair, clothing, etc.

WHAT ABOUT ACTS OF GOD? LIMIT OF LIABILITY? In the unlikely event that the photographer is injured or becomes too ill to photograph the session, the studio will make every effort to secure a replacement photographer unless otherwise specified by the client. If the situation should occur and a suitable replacement is not found or accepted, the sessions will be rescheduled. In the unlikely event that photographs have been lost, stolen or destroyed for reasons within or beyond studio control, studio liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the session. The limit of liability for a partial loss of the originals will be a prorated amount of the exposures lost based on the percentage of the total number of originals.